Friday, June 15, 2012


Holy hell, this new "streamlined" look Blogger has going on is freaking me out. O_o

Uhh, anyway. I'm not dead. I've just been having a pretty crazy couple of months. I had to put my poor kitty, Jericho, down. That sucked. A lot. But I also got to take care of a baby raccoon for a couple of days, and that was FRIGGIN' AWESOME.

We named him Thirty One, after Rt. 31, where my friend found him.
The color I'm wearing is Kleancolor Coffee Addict.

Is he not THE cutest thing you've ever seen? If anyone wants to see more adorable pictures, just let me know. I have a zillion of them!

DISCLAIMER: It's totally illegal to take in wild animals. This was only a temporary measure until we could find a wildlife rehab center that would take him. My family has been amateurly rehabbing animals since I was a kid, though, so I had a pretty decent idea of what I was doing. Thirty One has been lovingly handed over to a licensed raccoon rehabber. If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned animal, always be sure to contact your local animal control (ehhh...) or wildlife rehab facilities (yay!) for advice!!

Anyway, I don't really have any new nail pictures. I've been pretty busy, and haven't had time to snap any good ones, even though I've added so many new polishes to my collection, it's borderline disgusting. I'll have to pull out all my untrieds some time and snap a picture. There's tons of them.

I did just buy my fortieth purple yesterday, which to some of you old pros, seems like nothing, I'm sure. But there's always something so satisfying about filling up a nail wheel, you know?

So yeah. I haven't forgotten about you, lovely followers. And, although I'm not making any promises, I'll try to post back soon with a pretty manicure. (I'm totally digging the one I have on right now, but it's been on for a few days, so it's looking pretty beat up.)

Alright, I know this post was pretty lame, but... baby steps, right?