Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy (Day After My) Zero-th Blogoversary To Me!

In honor of my zero-th blog anniversary (I don't think 'zero-th' is an actual word, but I don't know how to make zero like '1st', '2nd', '3rd', etc., so 'zero-th' it is)--which actually happened yesterday, but my friend Caitlin just suggested the idea of a zero-th blog anniversary today--I'm not doing much of anything. : |

Except making this post.

And since this is kind of like the beginning of things, I guess I should post some pictures of where I'm at with my collection at this time. I'm not going to name off all the colors in this post. You'll just have to wait until I do swatches. ; )

If I'm still doing this blog in a year, I'll take some new pics of my collection, and we can see how it's changed. Or something like that.

These pictures will stand as a testament to my neophyte photography skills. Ew. 

This is my "winners box"; the polishes I love--and use--most. Plus my stamping plates.

This is the rest of my collection (minus a couple I've put up for trade, so I don't really consider them "mine" any more).

My swatches. I also have two wheels of sheers, with each color swatched in one coat and then built up to opaque, but since all my sheers are also included on my color wheels, I didn't bother including them in this picture.

I'd really like to get one of those little plastic bin/dresser thingies with, like, three drawers so that I can store my stuff properly. Right now, I have a little too much to store in these two boxes, so when everything's in there (I also store my remover and my stamping tools in my winners box), it's all kind of jumbled and stuff's stacked on top of other stuff, and it's just a mess. But I'm fairly broke, so. I'm sure spending all my spare money on nail polish isn't helping matters...

So yeah. Um. This is the beginning. Woohoo. And happy zero-th anniversary, everyone. ; )

P.S. Ugh, can you feel how tired and bleh I am right now? My anemia's been so bad lately. I really should take iron supplements, but they upset my stomach. But anemia also makes nails weak and peely, so...


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