Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Fact That There Are Christmas Themed Pringles Containers Already Is Killing My Soul.


I just wrote a kind of medium length entry about how I've been dealing with depression for the past few months, and how there's a lot of stressful stuff going on in my personal life right now, and how I feel like that plays a big part in me not having the motivation to update my blog more often, and I added a whole bunch of pictures, and then Blogger ATE IT.



Fine. I'll upload all the stupid pictures again. And come up with captions for all of them. Again. But I will not retype the post. I have my limits.

...I hope you really appreciate what I'm dealing with for you right now. No. Really.


Okay, soooooo. Here:

To make up for not posting very often, here are a whole bunch of pictures in one post. We'll start with some old ones that my Facebook friends will probably recognize from my "I Love Nail Polish" album:

First up, a little snowman I did last winter, using just the nail polish brushes and a toothpick for the eyes, nose, and buttons. Unfortunately, I decided to wait several days before snapping this picture, and you can see how beat up it is. Still cute, though.
This picture was actually taken to show off my then-brand-new Bamboo Pen & Touch, but it features one of my very favorite polish combos: OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries and OPI Sun-body Loves Me!
My very first go at stamping using my Bundle Monster plates. I let my boyfriend pick the colors and design. He said he wanted it to look like a creamcicle.
He was a good sport and let me stamp his nail, too. I decided to play to his masculine side with a tiny tribute to bacon.
My first--and only--attempt at sponging. Not very pretty. Maybe I'll try it again someday...
I believe this was my second attempt at stamping. Plus freehand tips.
Oh my God, my cuticle line in this picture kind of makes me want to vomit. Still, this was one of my favorite stamped manis. The green really popped in real life.

I have a LOT more old pics, but I'm gonna save some, because I'm probably gonna need to to another of these picturebomb catch-up posts in the future...

So, on to more recent things!

A kind of lazy Halloween mani using this years Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers polishes in Black Magic and Spooky Pumpkin. Again, I waited until I was ready to take the polish off to snap the pics, so it's looking a bit rough here.
This is the mani I actually wore on Halloween. I was thinking out loud about what I should do, and my boyfriend suggested bats on an orange background, so that's what I did. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed with a coat of Wet n' Wild Fantansy Makers Spooky Pumpkin, and the bat stamps from my Bundle Monster plates.
Oh, Clarins 230. You whore. <3
And lastly, and certainly leastly, I figured I'd throw in a shot of yours truly, doing what yours truly does best: Not knowing what the crap she's doing.

This is how I roll...

Okay, then. I hope throwing all these pictures at you was enough to make you forget that I'm a crappy blogger. Come back next week. Maybe there will be more words and pictures to look at or something.


  1. ok i have several things to say here:

    1. i think i am going to try to avoid shopping in stores (any stores) until christmas is over. i heard christmas music THE WEEK BEFORE HALLOWEEN. NOT OKAY.


    3. i am so (sososososo) beyond jealous of your clarins 230!! lucky girl!


    5. joinnnn the depression club. i've been in it for, oh, 24 years now. (i am also 24 years old.) today i feel like a heaping pile of ugliness. booooooooo.

    6. i lovelovelove your blog no matter how often you post <3

  2. @sel 1. That is absolutely unacceptable. Do stores not realize that by starting Christmas TWO MONTHS EARLY, they are effectively killing off everyone's holiday spirit by the time the holidays actually roll around? Arrrgh.

    I think a history in retail makes me extra jaded regarding holiday music in stores. I used to work at Dollar Tree (which I still think is a kickass store. I mean, c'mon, everything's a dollar!), and from the beginning of November through New Year's, they'd play "Feed The World", like, five times a day, every. freaking. day. It was insane.

    2. Oh my god, then you'll love this:

    3. It's only, like, $60 on Ebay right now! That's the cheapest I've ever seen it. Still a splurge, but if you've got some cash on hand, it's a good investment. ; )


    5. I'm actually twenty six (Oldy McOlderson over here, lol). But yeah, I was diagnosed as bi-polar at fourteen, with PTST and borderline personality disorder at nineteen, and with severe anxiety at twenty two. Gotta love the hand life deals, huh? : P

    6. Well, your comment totally made my day. And I had a really crappy day, too. Like, REALLY crappy. So how's that!? : D

  3. PTSD, even. Way to proofread, there, Aren. *headdesk*

  4. omg what is that?! a bacon pie??! umithinkiloveyoucanwebefriendsforeverkthx I MUST EAT IT RIGHT NOW. i had bacon as a snack at work today. which is becoming more and more common for me. yay for my tastebuds, sad for my arteries.

    woman don't you laugh at my compliment. and then faint. although i am a nurse so i know what to do. haha

    and with that being said, NO WONDER MENTAL HEALTH WAS MY FAVORITE PART OF NURSING SCHOOL, EVERYTHING PERTAINED TO ME. well not everything, but it definitely clicked with me more than 99.9% of the class. love the crazies. cause i am a crazy.

  5. also that i bought the whole kleancolor holo collection because of you. and then...all the chunky holos. plus a few more.

    i think i have a problem.

  6. @sel Hahahaha, that is what my social circle has come to call "The Bacon Lattice". I make them for BLTs. One lattice can be cut into four sandwich-sized squares, and that way, the bacon isn't all loose and falling out of the sandwich, and you get bacon in EVERY SINGLE BITE. It's pretty great.

    And I'm sorry, uncontrollable laughter is my body's natural response to undeserved flattery. Had you said something like, "Oh, wow, you absolutely look like a little boy!", I would've been like, "I know. I've come to grips with it.". And probably not fainted. Probably still would've coughed a lot, though...

    Also: How do you like nursing? My family just signed my kid sister up for PCA classes or something like that, in the hopes that she'll follow up with nursing classes.

    And oooooh! Hahaha, I can't believe I inspired someone to buy polish collections! I'm so excited!

    *struts around*

    *does stuck-up voice*

    Mmmmmyessss, I'm fancy Lady Pifflebottom, and I'm TERRRRRRIBLY popular with the commoners, don't you know?

    ... Okay, that's enough of that.

    Do you like the chunky holos? My boyfriend's over at a friend's right now, picking up my 24 new polishes (I went halfsies on a 48 piece Kleancolor order with his friend's girlfriend), and I got some of the chunky holos, but I don't remember which ones. I know I got the pink, teal, and black, but I can't remember the others that I ordered. The lady doing the sale was out of stock on a lot of the colors I wanted, so. : (