Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na, BATMAN-ICURE!

Nail Nerd posted a very cute homage to Wonder Woman recently, so I suggested she do a Batman manicure too, since I lovelovelovelovelove Batman (I even have the Batman logo tattooed on my lower back!).

And, because she is awesome, the Nerd complied with my request. Does that manicure not blow your mind with joy!? 

I absolutely love reading Nerd's blog because she's constantly coming up with such creative ideas (I mean, c'mon, marijuana pistils? Who else would DO that!?), and because she executes them so well. Plus she posts new manicures all. the. time., which is great for someone like me, who can't get enough of oogling beautiful polishes.

And THAT is why she's my nail girlfriend. *nods* ^___^


  1. Yes I have love for the nerd as well! Nice blog!

  2. @Fingers Yeah, I'm definitely glad I came across her blog. : )

    And thank you! I just scoped yours out a bit, too. Congrats on the 200+ followers! You just got a new one, by the way. ; )

  3. Awwwww right back atcha doll! It was a lot of fun, thanks for the challenge :) How big is the tattoo/is it full color? You really DO love you some Batman! I've got my big dog's paw tattooed on my forearm and people are always going "oh hay is that a Clemson Tigers tattoo?" Seriously people?! I don't know that there's anything about me that screams college football (tattoos, crayola hair, etc.), and certainly not enough to put a team logo up front and center...

  4. @Nail Nerd It's about 2" x 3" and it's just black and yellow. It was my first tattoo, and I got it in some creepy guy's apartment (yay for not ending up with hepatitis!), so it's kind of... not right. The oval kind of has a corner and one of the bat's ears is a little floppy, but I kind of love it all the more for it.

    This picture is from a few months after I got it (oh Gods, was that really eight years ago!?)

  5. That's fun though, and it looks just fine at that size (lordy knows people have butchered it way worse!) -- I remember sitting in my bedroom as a teenager with a needle, ink and ice stenciling the RHCP logo into my thigh. So grateful I was dumb enough to use the wrong ink, but man you've gotta love the awesome choices we used to make...

  6. @Nail Nerd LOL, I was never brave enough to tattoo or pierce myself, but both of my siblings have. My sister still has a bright blue sqiggle down her foot from what was supposed to be a tattoo of a squid (?), and my brother actually ended up going into the business for a while. He didn't do either of my two tattoos (thank you creepy apartment guy!), but he did do all five of my piercings.