Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Worry About It, That'll Buff Right Out.

I'm sick today. I had plans to go visit my sister, but woke up feeling like a bag of smashed ass, so I had to cancel. I'm freezing cold, but sweating; my joints hurt; I'm sniffly; and I just generally feel like crap.

Plus my doctor's office called me today with the results of the CT scan I had last week. They confirmed that I had a big, ol' stone in my bladder (when I told the doctor I had passed it on my own on Monday, he actually said, "Dang!"), and that I have another stone--much smaller at about 1mm--still chillin' out in my right kidney.

Plus I got a bonus health update: Apparently, I have multiple cysts on both of my ovaries. Multiple cysts. On both ovaries. Because when I do something, I fucking go all out. S'how I roll.

So, in an effort to take my mind off of my health issues--which obviously isn't working, since I'm sitting here posting about them--I decided to do another blog update.

So, in a way, my shitty health is actually benefiting you guys. Way to take advantage of my pain. I thought we were friends... *glares*



... *still glaring*



After this post, I'll be all caught up with the pictures I've taken, so unless I start slacking off and give myself time to build up another store of pics, you'll be getting posts as I update my manicures from now on. In fact, I'm actually still wearing the mani in the pics I'm posting today. It's been about four days, though, so I think I'm going to take it off tonight.

First up, a nudie pic:

Artificial light, no flash

Normally, I wouldn't post a picture of my bare nails, but they've been in really good shape lately, so I'm feeling proud. Plus I needed a new nail buffer the other day, so my boyfriend went to the store and picked me up a Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer, which boasts that it will make your nails 400% shinier.

At first, I was like, "Pffff, yeah, right. A two sided buffer is totally gonna work that well. *rolls eyes*".

Then I tried it. And holy friggin' shiny, Batman! A couple of swipes with the rough side and a few back and forths with the smooth side, and I'll be gosh darned if my nails weren't exactly 400% shiner.

Okay, so I have no idea how they actually measure just how much shinier nails get after buffing, so I can't say for sure that my nails were 400% shinier. But they were CRAZY shiny, as you can see. Like, shiner than any nail buffer has gotten them before. And it was super easy and fast. Plus I'd buffed away all the staining (even with base coat, my nails still end up all yellow and funky looking), so my nails looked all clean and nice. So clean and nice, in fact, that I was compelled to take--and share--a nakey nail picture!

So yeah, if you're in the market for a good nail buffer, I'd totally recommend giving the Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer a shot.

Once my nails were buffed smooth, I threw on a coat of my new base--Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat (my NailTek II has gotten all gooey and chunky and weird, and I haven't had a chance to order a new bottle yet, so I'm currently working with what was available at my local drug store)--and then slapped on two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Night Flight.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This is my favorite black polish EVER. Love that it's teal-based.
Artificial light, flash.
Then, because I can't seem to stop layering with glitters lately, I added a coat of Kleancolor Shooting Star, which is silver glitter with larger orangy-red, warm yellow, and aqua blue hex glitters in an orange-tinted clear base, on nine nails.

Over black, you can't see the orange tint of the base, but you can see it in the bottle.
Artificial light, flash.

The colors in Shooting Star make me think of circus clowns. Except that clowns scare me, and this polish does not.
Natural light, full sun.
On my accent nail, I did a coat of Kleancolor City Never Sleeps, which is the same makeup as Shooting Star, except in different colors--aqua blue glitter with larger pale orange, pale lime green, and magenta hex glitters in a very pale purple-tinted clear base.

For some reason, the base of this polish looks and photographs as a weird, mucky brown in the bottle. I promise you it's, like, a lilac-tinted clear base, though.
Artificial light, flash.

It was so cold outside when I snapped these pictures. I literally just stuck both arms out the front door and took pictures blindly, since I didn't want to stick my head out to see what I was actually shooting. Luckily, I'm pretty good at aiming!
Natural light, full sun.

Natural light, combo full sun/shade.
My boyfriend said that he likes the Shooting Star better than the City Never Sleeps. I'd have to disagree with him. While the colors in Shooting Star are pretty fun, I think the colors in City Never Sleeps are even funner. And funner is always better.

While fun, this isn't my favorite combination. I mean, it's cute, and if I ever go to the circus, I'd totally wear this mani again, but I crave manicures that leave me gazing at my fingers in awe and wonderment, and unfortunately, this mani fell just a wee bit short of that.

I've also noticed that some of my polishes tend to shrink after I apply my topcoat, which sucks. I currently use Sally Hansen Dries Instantly 30 Second Top Coat, which I've thinned it with a bit of Seche Restore because it got kind of thick and gloopy. It doesn't shrink all of my polishes, but it does shrink most of them, at least a little. For some reason, it seems to shrink my Sally Hansen Instra-Dris worse than any of my other polishes, which means this mani ended up looking like it had a week's worth of tip wear after less than twenty four hours, and it's been bugging the crap out of me.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm thinking it might be the combination of fast dry top coat + Seche Restore. Maybe if I get a regular top coat, shrinking won't be as much of an issue. But (siiiigh) that means waiting for what seems like forever for my nails to dry, and I'm sooooo impatient.

Grrrrrr. My life is so hard. *fails and flops*

Anyway, I should wrap this up. My poor betta, Aldo, is staring at me right now, like, "Pleeeeaaaaase clean my tank, woman!", and I have to do that before I can take off my nail polish. I don't wanna get polish remover residue in my little buddy's tank!

So I'm off for now. I wonder what color my next post will be about. : )

1/20/2012 ETA: I was just uploading some new pictures (!!!), and I found a couple of pictures I'd taken a day or two after the pictures I posted here. You can see the shrinky tip wear, but it's such a good, clear shot of the glitters that I just had to tack it onto this post:

Indoors, natural light.
Okay, that's all.


  1. I agree, I like City Never Sleeps better than shooting star. Just bought a bunch of Kleancolors for the first time and I have on silver star right now...takes a lot of extra work to fish for those stars though, but I like the outcome.

    P.S. Those are some sexy nude nails! :P Wish mine were in that good of shape.

    1. How do you like your Kleancolors? I think they have some really awesome and unique colors, but the smell of them kind of gives me a headache, and they seem to take longer to dry than other brands.

      And, hehe, thanks! I bit my nails for years and years and years, and for the longest time after I quit, they were still all weak and splitty and just not very healthy, so I decided to try to take extra good care of them and pamper them back to health. Took me a few years to get them to this point (I quit biting my nails when I was twenty and I'll be twenty seven next month), but I think I finally feel comfortable saying I've accomplished that goal. : )

  2. You are such a freakin DORK! OMG I am officially LMFAO right now! How can a teal base be a true black polish???? I would never show my naked nails=oh the horror! There is just way too much glitter going on here-so I'll refrain from stabbing my eyes out in front of you-however, I just cleaned my 30 gallon fish tank last weekend and damn that is a chore! But I do love me a clean tank!

    1. I totally am a dork, and I'm okay with that! : D

      I'm not crazy, though. Night Flight is a teal-based black. I just ran upstairs to take a picture for you, so you know I'm not making this up. Unfortunately, I don't think blogger will let me code a picture into this comment, so all I can give you is a link:

      The polish on the left is what I would consider a classic black creme (I think the polish I used was an old Wet n' Wild). The polish on the right is Night Flight. See how, where it's thin, it's actually a dark teal? Two coats (or one thick coat), and it looks just as black as any other black polish I've ever used, but when it comes right down to it, it's actually just a dark, dark, dark, dark teal. And I love it.

      And, haha, I have been on a glitter spree, lately, haven't I? Funny, the two manicures I've been considering doing tonight both involve glitter, too. Maybe 'cause it's so grey and blah outside right now, so I feel like I need a little sparkle in my life.

      Also, what kind of fish do you have?

  3. Sorry about the medical woes! Your naked pic is hot (that's not too creepy, is it?)--that shine buffer thing does really seem to do the job, since I though you had clear topcoat on. :)

    1. Thank you. Hopefully I'll be able to sort my innards out soon, and then I'll have one less reason to slack off on blog posts (although I've been doing pretty good this week, if I do say so myself).

      And, haha, you're talking to the queen of creeps right now. I doubt there's anything you could say about any of my pictures or posts that would creep me out. I'd actually probably end up trying to up the ante and out-creep you. But then, I don't want to scare anyone off, so... XD

      But yeah, I think I might have to stock up on Crazy Shine buffers. I took this mani off last night, and my nails are still so shiny that I've been putting off painting my nails 'cause they just look so nice on their own right now.